Legacy Importing specialises in bringing the highest quality Christmas Decoration brands to New Zealand.
Our network of suppliers from Europe enables us to exclusively access some of the most sought after Christmas products for the New Zealand market.
We specialise in glass decorations from the region of Lauscha - the place where, in the 1840's, the first glass Christmas decorations were ever produced. The decorations are still produced by artisans using traditional methods; glass blowers blowing and artists hand decorating.
Our range of wooden products - Candle Pyramids, Candle Archers, Nutcrackers, Räuchermen (Smoking Men), and hanging decorations are sourced from the Erzgebirge region in the east of Germany, again this is the region these items were initially created in and the techniques have been passed on through the generations to create the unique, high quality products available today.




Auckland, New Zealand

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